Our Team

Alex Glykas


Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, motivated by the dynamism of the Maritime Industry and endless opportunities for raising the standards towards ensuring a safer working environment for the seafarers and the protection of the environment. From 1996 until 2000 Alexandros was involved in maritime casualty investigations as well as the ratification of new requirements at the IMO. From 2001 onwards, Alexandros was actively involved in the management of RO-RO, General Cargo and Tanker vessels. On 2007 he started being involved with policies and procedures in Ship to Ship transfer operations. Within DYNAMARINe Alexandros has an active role in the commercial and development of products and services. Alexandros is also being involved in the academia as a lecturer since 2001 until now.

Stelios Perissakis


Stelios is Naval Architect and Marine Engineer with a PhD on Experimental Hydrodynamics. After graduation he is involved in several projects as independent consultant and surveyor and he also offers services in the sector of small craft design. Occasionally, he participates in several academic projects and tutoring in Technological Institute of Athens and National Technical University of Athens related with small craft design, measuring techniques and ships hydrodynamic. Since 2007 he has been involved with Ship-to-Ship due diligence issues. He is experienced in building policies and procedures in shipping business, in risk assessment issues and in designing information systems in maritime projects.

George Papaioannou

Project Manager

George has a MEng in Electrical and Computer Sciences along with a MSc in Engineering Management from Duke University in USA. He has been involved in the STS due diligence services since 2012 and has participated in numerous projects related to the STS. His experience involves the development of a specialized energy monitoring software, comprehensive ship energy analysis and emission calculations to serve industry requirements. Also, involvement in various consulting services, frequent communication with clients and risk analysis for shipping operations. Since 2012 he is a member of the Global Association of Risk professionals and holder of the Energy Risk Professional certification.

Yiannis Giannakopoulos

Head of Developers' Team

Yiannis has a B.Sc in Electronic & Computer Systems Engineering along with a MSc in Information systems. He is a competent back-end PHP object-oriented developer with a very good experience in front-end development. Fully experienced in developing applications for Maritime Industry and having the enthusiasm and ambition to complete projects to the highest standards.

Vickie Chantzis

Software Engineer

Vickie holds a bachelor's diploma in Computer Engineering and Informatics from the University of Patra. She has been a full stack software developer involved in applications targeting the maritime industry since 2016.

Vasilis Chatzikomnitsas

Head of operations

Bill holds bachelor’s diploma in Ship Operations & Trade. He has been involved in the STS due diligence services since 2015, he has conducted a considerable number of STS clearance assessments and has participated in several STS Status (Ship specific audit) as a lead auditor. Since 2016 he is a member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers(ICS).

Onnik Chatsikian

Operations Manager

Onnik holds a Bachelor’s degree in Shipping & Trade from University of the Aegean, a Master’s degree in Shipping Management from ALBA Graduate Business School and he joined DYNAMARINe operations team in 2015. Since then, he has been involved in considerable number of STS Status Surveys as a Lead Auditor and a large amount of vessel clearances.

Anargyros Zenios

Shipping Analyst

Argyris holds a bachelor degree from University of the Aegean with orientation to risk operational management. He is working as Team Leader at the HSQE dept. of DYNAMARINe with main scope to guarantee due diligence concept on behalf of tanker owners. The main field in which he specializes is “Incident Investigation”.

Dimitris Fytas

Shipping Operator

Dimitris holds a bachelor's degree in Shipping & Trade from University of the Aegean and a Master's degree in Maritime Operations & Management from City University of London. He has been involved in the STS due diligence services since 2016 and has participated in several STS Status Surveys and vessel clearances.

Petros Kanellos

Shipping Analyst

Petros holds a bachelor’ degree in Management Science & Technology and an MSc in International Shipping, Finance & Management from the Athens University of Economics and Business. He has participated in various projects related to Ship-To-Ship operations and specializes in the Audit scheme of STS Service Providers.

Nikos Papagiannakopoulos


Nikos holds a bachelor’s diploma in Ship Operations & Trade. He has been in DYNAMARINe since first semester 2017 and has been involved in more than 1500 clearance assessments along with the preparation of STS specific Risk Assessments.

Aggeliki Panagiotarakou

Office Administration

Aggeliki Panagiotarakou is responsible for the administration department of DYNAMARINe. She has been working to this company since 2011. Her past position was to the Documentation Dpt. of INSB Class Administration.

Peny Liokaftou

Office Administration

Penny is a Business Organization and an Administration graduate. She has been working since 2016 , March. Her past position was as a special secretary in the Greek National Insurance company for 9 months. She is currently working as an administration manager.