Our Team

Alex Glykas


Alexandros is a highly motivated Naval Architect and Marine Engineer who thrives on the dynamism of the Maritime Industry and the countless opportunities it offers to improve standards and ensure a safer working environment for seafarers, as well as environmental protection.

From 1996 to 2000, Alexandros actively participated in maritime casualty investigations and played a crucial role in ratifying new requirements at the IMO. Notably, he contributed to the second phase of the M/V DERBYSHIRE Investigation (1997-2000) organized by the UK Department of Transport. Beginning in 2001, Alexandros assumed a pivotal role in the management of RO-RO, General Cargo, and Tanker vessels.

In 2007, he expanded his expertise to encompass policies and procedures pertaining to Ship to Ship transfer operations. Currently, within DYNAMARINe, Alexandros actively contributes to the commercial aspects and the development of products and services. Additionally, he holds certifications as an Instructor-Trainer from ABS and is a qualified ISM and ISPS auditor, accredited by DNV.

Furthermore, Alexandros has been engaged in academia as a lecturer since 2001, continuing to impart his knowledge and expertise to aspiring professionals in the field.

Alex Glykas is the (co-)author or editor of several academic papers, best practice guidelines for STS, and three books.

George Papaioannou


George has a MEng in Electrical and Computer Sciences along with a MSc in Engineering Management from Duke University in USA. He has been involved in the STS due diligence services since 2012 and has participated in numerous projects related to the STS.

His experience involves the development of a specialized energy monitoring software, comprehensive ship energy analysis and emission calculations to serve industry requirements. Also, involvement in various consulting services, frequent communication with clients and risk analysis for shipping operations. Since 2012 he is a member of the Global Association of Risk professionals and holder of the Energy Risk Professional certification.

Nikos Papagiannakopoulos

Head of Operations

Nikos is a holder of a Bachelor's degree in Ship Operation & Trade and has been an esteemed member of DYNAMARINe since the first semester of 2017. He has participated in numerous Ship-to-Ship operations and carried out multiple "STS Status" surveys on board vessels, focusing on STS elements.

Furthermore, he has demonstrated a comprehensive involvement in operational facets, encompassing STS clearance assessments, developing specific risk assessments for STS operations and compiling annual reports on STS Statistics.

Petros Kanellos


Petros holds a bachelor’ degree in Management Science & Technology and an MSc in International Shipping, Finance & Management from the Athens University of Economics and Business. He has experience in the field of the Audit scheme of STS Service Providers.

Additionally, he has attended various Ship-To-Ship operations and conducted several "STS Status" Surveys on board vessel concerning STS elements. Petros holds a key role in DYNAMARINe since he has received excessive training on procedures associated with the management of STS Service Providers and the level of assurance these organisations should have.

Dimitris Fytas


Dimitris holds a bachelor's degree in Shipping & Trade from the University of the Aegean and a Master's degree in Maritime Operations & Management from City University of London.

He has been involved in the STS due diligence services since 2016 and conducted several "STS Status" Surveys onboard vessel concerning STS elements. Dimitris has participated as a trainer in STS workshops organized by DYNAMARINe. He is also a certified Instructor-Trainer from ABS and has completed the “The Train-the-Trainer” and the “Qualified Marine Assessor” seminars of ABS. Finally, he has the role of the marine and commercial operator in DYNAMARINe, with the scope of expanding the business to the industry sector associated with our activities.

Marios Lianos


Marios holds a bachelor’s degree in Shipping management for the University of Piraeus. He is a member of DYNAMARINe since 2019 and he is engaged with operational matters, such as STS clearance assessments along with preparation of STS specific risk Assessments.

Ioannis Liarokapis


Ioannis holds an MEng in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University of Crete and a Master’s degree in Shipping Management from Alba Graduate Business School. He is a member of DYNAMARINe since 2020 and he is engaged with operational matters, such as STS clearance assessments along with preparation of STS specific Risk Assessments.

Nikolas Patronis


Nikolas holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Finance from Deree – The American College of Greece and a Master’s degree in Shipping Management from Alba Graduate Business School. He was previously employed at a multi-national finance corporation as a Financial Analyst for three years before joining the DYNAMARINe team in 2021.

While working in Finance, Nikolas was exposed to client accounts in the shipping industry which sparked his interest to take his skills to the maritime sector. His role with the DYNAMARINe team involves engaging in operational tasks such as STS clearance assessments and assisting in the preparation of STS specific Risk Assessments.

Panagiotis Pantazis

Junior Operator

Panagiotis has graduated from Merchant Marine Academy of Syros with specialization in Deck department and ships handling. He also has onboard experience of merchant vessels. In addition, he holds a Bachelors degree in Maritime Business Management from Solent University.

Panagiotis Sfikas

Junior Operator

Panagiotis holds a bachelor’s degree in Shipping & Trade from the University of the Aegean. He is a member of DYNAMARINe since 2024, and he is engaged with operational matters, such as STS clearance assessments along with preparation of STS specific risk Assessments.

Timos Giotas

Energy Shipping Analyst

Timos holds a bachelor’s degree in Shipping Management and Business Administration from the American College of Greece (Deree), a BA Honours degree in Shipping Management from The Open University of England, having also attended the Professional Qualification program of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers in 2018.

He is involved in the analysis and monitoring of vessels’ emissions, the deployment of STS plans, and the STS online training of seafarers.

Margaritis Romfaias

Naval Architect and Marine Engineer

Margaritis graduated from National Technical University of Athens in February 2021. He was a member and Design Project Manager of a racing project team (OCEANOS) of the Naval Sector, as well as Construction and Mechanisms Specialist. In his thesis he engaged with structural design and strength assessment, as well as technical matters.

He joined DYNAMARINe after graduation, and ever since he is involved in STS related projects, such as portable chock design and construction, mooring plans, mooring forces calculations. He also reviews and prepares Manuals and Plans for ships and shipping companies. Moreover, he participates in development of new projects such as Ship Performance and Mooring Line Monitoring.

Anna Roxanda Giannakakis

Junior Data Analyst

Anna is studying at the State University of New York for her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. She is a Junior Data Analyst processing and monitoring the data received from client company vessels regarding generated ship emissions and control.

Yiannis Giannakopoulos


Yiannis has a B.Sc in Electronic & Computer Systems Engineering along with a MSc in Information systems. He is a full stack software developer focusing on PHP and Js frameworks. Responsible to convert business needs into technical specifications. Fully experienced in developing applications for Maritime Industry and having the enthusiasm and ambition to complete projects to the highest standards.

Vickie Chantzis

Software Engineer

Vickie holds a B.Sc in Computer Engineering and Informatics acquired at the Technical University of Patras. She has been a full stack software developer involved in applications targeting the maritime industry since 2016. Eager to apply the latest front and back end technologies in applications and deliver products of the highest quality.

George Kalatzis

Software Engineer

George holds a B.Sc in Electronic & Computer Systems Engineering. He is an experienced web developer with a demonstrated history of working in various news portals and autoparts industry. He is a member of our team since October 2018. Also, he is responsible for our SEO management.

Sevak Kazarian

Junior Software Engineer

Sevak holds a B.Sc in Computer Science from the University of Pireaus . Currently, he is enrolled for Master's degree in Data Science and Machine Learning at Hellenic Open University. He is a member of our team since November 2023.

Katerina Diamantopoulou

Senior Graphic Designer

Senior Graphics designer and Video development. Involved in the digitizing of Mooring Arrangements and all the design development that fosters DYNAMARINe and its products, either in print or in online media.

Katerina Karakatsani

Quality coordinator

Katerina serves as a quality coordinator mainly responsible for the mooring line monitoring platform, DYNAMOORe. She possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a Master of Science degree in Shipping Management.

Peny Liokaftou

Supporting Plan Engineer

Peny is a Business Organization and an Administration graduate. She has been working in DYNAMARINe since 2016. Her duties are linked to supporting the core product services and produce relevant manuals as per flag or other commercial requirements.

Aggeliki Panagiotarakou

Office Administration

Aggeliki Panagiotarakou is responsible for the administration department of DYNAMARINe. She has been working to this company since 2011. Her past position was to the Documentation Dpt. of INSB Class Administration.

Capt. Titos Giannakakis

DYNAMARINe Academy Executive

Chief Compliance Officer

Capt. Titos is a Qualified Senior Marine Trainer, Marine Auditor and Marine Consultant has been serving the global maritime industry for more than 30 years with hands on experience and extensive practical knowledge in his fields of expertise.

Has been providing added value trainings for professional development on international maritime regulations and industry standards to ship-managers/ship-operators world-wide enhancing office personnel and seafarers’ skills, as well as ship and shipyard occupational health and safety skills, auditor and trainer skills, human factor issues, dynamic risk control understanding related to incident investigations, management of marine changes, OCIMF SIRE vetting inspections, TMSA, MTMSA, Port and Flag State Inspections, planned and reliability maintenance standards. Has been invited several times as guest speaker to Maritime Fora promoting international marine safety and environmental standards and shipping market pertinent issues as well as best practices providing optimum solutions to the maritime sector. Is a Captain by profession with several years of shipboard experience and has worked for many years with shipping companies in executive positions in USA, UK, Europe and Caspian Sea regions. Holds postgraduate degrees from UK universities and is a member of UK’s Nautical Institute.

Capt. Martyn Haines

Associate Legal Contractor

Martyn is a Master Mariner and served on many different ship types from oil tankers to heavy lift cargo carriers. He has worked in post-fixture commercial operations and was the fleet manager of over 30 refrigerated cargo ships before moving into P&I insurance in 1996.

Martyn rose to the position of senior claims director before being headhunted by a leading London law firm to be a casualty investigator in 2011. In 2019 Martyn became an independent marine consultant and commercial mediator after accreditation with Civil Mediation Council. Martyn has worked with DYNAMARINe since 2012.

Capt. Abhay Charan

Commercial Correspondent in Singapore

Abhay has respectable experience in Ship to Ship with tasks linked to the operational as well as commercial processes. He represents DYNAMARINe in the Singaporean Cluster through Aaudaz Pte Ltd and actively participates in all DYNAMARINe STS forums. Abhay joined DYNAMARINe on July 2019.

Abhay is an experienced Commercial Tanker Operations Manager with over 35 years of experience in the Maritime industry.He has held a diverse portfolio of functionalities including Team leadership and Company Management. A Founder member of FR8 and subsequently Navig8 16 years ago, Abhay was catalyst in developing its operational strategies, including the recruitment processes, vendor management and Pool management. Recognized as the brand representation for the business, Abhay was equally active in Business Development and spearheading its operations globally. Following an illustrious career spanning over 35-years, Abhay enjoys leading and navigating change within dynamic environments, challenging the norms and pushing boundaries for greater levels of achievements. Some of these include starting up businesses, managing multi-cultural teams across global offices and negotiating multi-million dollar vendor contracts.